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From: Dale Woodland
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Would you like to advertise your site in a way that people can't ignore?

Would you like those ads to passively spawn more ads with little to no effort on your part?

Would you like to get started within the next 30 seconds for FREE?

If so, read on for the 7 reasons why Fly-In Ads are revolutionizing Internet Marketing right now...

1. Fly-In Ads cannot be ignored.
"Fly-In Ads" are hundreds of times more powerful than any other type of advertising on the web, because they simply can't be ignored. When a Fly-In Ad is displayed, the user must dismiss it before he or she can continue browsing the web. Have you ever advertised something that was supposed to go to a certain number of people, but you were sure many of those people simply overlooked your ads? Since Fly-In Ads cannot be ignored, 100% of the people who you advertise to will pay attention to your ad.

2. Fly-In Ads will instantly capture the immediate attention of your audience.
One of the reasons pop-up ads, pop-under ads, banner ads, e-zine ads, and all other conventional forms of advertising on the Internet never perform as well as we'd like them to is that people are becoming numb to them. Fly-In ads are dazzling, unexpected, and not found anywhere else on the net, so your audience will be instantly captivated.

3. Fly-In Ads do not interfere with the sales process of your web site at all. is an exchange system in which you will display fly-in ads on your web site to earn credits so that you can show your ad on other people's sites. Since the ads are shown on exit, however, Fly-In Ads cannot possibly affect the way your web site works. Hey, the traffic's leaving anyway. Why not earn some credits and turn that back into advertising?

4. Fly-In Ads are only shown to targeted, interested prospects.
When you design your ad, you will pick a category from an extremely comprehensive list of site types. Your ad is guaranteed to only be shown to people in that category, to ensure that you earn maximum profits from your ad. We also implement extensive anti-fraud systems to guarantee that your ad is being seen by a real person each time, as opposed to a script surfing the net.

5. Your Fly-In Ad Inventory virally grows itself so the traffic you get grows virally and passively.
You can set up your account to automatically send a certain percentage of your traffic to your Fly-In Ads affiliate link. Since we offer a 10-level deep structure, for which you earn credits each time anyone in your entire downline earns a credit (by having their web site visited), your web site traffic will grow passively on its own.

6. Fly-In Ads are not blocked by pop-up blockers.
Although fly-in ads are open in their own window, they cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers. Since already 20% of the Internet's population uses popup blockers, this is a very key factor in your advertising. As pop-up ads slowly become less effective, Fly-In Ads will become more effective.

7. You can be up and running with Fly-In Ads for FREE in just 30-60 seconds.
I got tired of long, tedious signup processes a long time ago, so when I designed I made sure to simplify the process as much as possible. You'll be up and running with hordes of Fly-In Ads advertising your site in just 30-60 seconds if you start right now and follow each step I give you. Click Here To Get Started Right Now.

What does a Fly-In Ad Look Like?

Click here to see a sample Fly-In Ad right now. Please note that when using the Fly-In Ad exchange, these ads will be displayed on page exit (when a visitor leaves your page).

Also note that the ad randomly flies in from any of the 4 sides of your screen. Click the link several times to watch it fly in from various directions. This is to ensure that the ad is "noticed" by more people.

Also note that while the ad is displayed, the user must view it and dismiss it before continuing. This guarantees that your ad is seen by 100% of the people we show it to.

How exactly will bring me a stampede of targeted traffic? is an ad-exchange. This means you drop a simple line of code on to your web site which will cause fly-in ads to be shown to anyone who leaves your web site. For each ad you show, you will earn credits. Those credits will then be spent on showing other people your Fly-In ad.

Our system is 10-levels deep, which means you can build a network of people 10 levels below you that are all earning credits for YOU. In essence, any time any of your referrals 10 levels below you gets a hit to his or her web site, you'll earn credits!

Each time your site is viewed or anyone in your downline's site is viewed, you will earn 1/10 of a credit (because our system is 10 levels deep). Imagine for a second that on average, each web site gets visited just 100 times per day (in reality, this figure is much higher). Let's suppose that you only refer 3 people to FlyInAds (however in reality, you'll probably refer much more), and that each person only refers 3 people, and so on.

Check out how many times your ad will be shown daily:

Levels Below You# of Credits Earned
Level 110
Level 230
Level 390
Level 4270
Level 5810
Level 62430
Level 77290
Level 821870
Level 965610
Level 10196830
Grand Total:295240

Since Fly-In Ads simply cannot be ignored, that's over 2 million times someone will see your advertisement per week. Of course, that's only if the scenario above happens exactly as I described it. In reality, you could get less or much more! You do the math as for how much money that will make you!

If you're not quite sure you completely understand, click here to read our frequently asked questions.

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