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What exactly is a Fly-In Ad?

Click here to see a sample Fly-In Ad right now. A Fly-In ad is a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet Marketing technology. Since most other advertising methods such as pop-up advertising, banner advertising, e-mail advertising, and the like are practically "worn out" (most people see them and ignore them), Fly-In Ads provide an unexpected, fresh type of ad that instantly grabs people's attention.

In addition, since the ad cannot be ignored (it must be physically viewed and closed before the web surfer can continue), it is hundreds of times more effective than any other form of advertising currently found on the net.

What does do? is a Fly-In Ad exchange. As soon as you go through our 60-second signup process, you'll be able to drop a simple snippet of code on to your web page that causes Fly-In ads to be shown to any visitor that leaves your site (we show them when they leave so FlyInAds never interferes with the operation of your web site).

If you don't have a web site, you can still earn Fly-In Ad credits by using our "link cloaker." Start our 60 second signup process now and you'll be set up in no time.

Each time you show an ad, you earn 1/10 of a credit (more on why 1/10 is better than any other number in a bit). Your credits are redeemed automatically as your own Fly-In ads are shown on other people's sites (in a category you select, so it's targeted).

To provide maximum viral growth of your ad inventory, offers a 10-level downline structure, which means that if you tell someone about, and they tell some, and so on (10 levels deep), everyone in that network will be in your "downline."

Any time ANYONE in your downline gets a hit to his or her web page, you earn 1/10 of a credit. The reason we use 1/10 is because 1/10 = 1 credit split up over 10 levels. We chose 10 levels because it has the most viral growth potential for you...if you just tell three people about FlyInAds and they each tell three and so on, you could be earning over 2 million credits per week!

Will placing code on my site interfere with my sales process in any way?

Absolutely not! Since Fly-In Ads are displayed when visitors LEAVE your web page, people who want to stay will never be affected. The ads will only be shown to people after they decide to leave. Now, you can finally make something good out of people leaving your site, and turn those credits you earn when people leave back into ads, and new traffic!

Can I still use if I don't have my own web site?

Yes! has a built-in link cloaker that will allow you to "cloak" your affiliate links so that you can point people to a special link that will show an affiliate site AND popup a Fly-In Ad earning you credits when they leave it. Just click here to start our 60 second signup process and everything will become clear instantly.

Why the 10:1 ratio?

I spent a long time deciding exactly what the ratio should be, and finally decided on 10:1. The reasoning is quite simple. Had we gone with a 5:1, 5 level deep structure, or even a 1:1, no referral structure, your credit potential would be exponentially lower.

Fly-In Ads is an "automatically viral" system, which means that you can select a certain percentage of your credits to be spent advertising your referral link. This will AUTOMATICALLY bring in people in your dowline, for which you will earn credits every time ANY of their web sites get a hit.

You definitely want this to extend 10 levels deep, as it will in no time. Most of our members with downlines experience 100 to 10,000 the credits they would normally earn just because we have a 10:1, 10-level system.

Can Fly-In Ads be blocked by pop-up blockers?

No. Although I am not going to go into the technicality of it here, let's just say for now that Fly-In Ads are not regular "pop-ups," and therefore pop-up blockers do not stop them.

What browsers are Fly-In Ads compatible with?

Currently, due to the advanced technical nature of Fly-In Ads, only supports Internet Explorer. However, we are currently working to incorporate solutions for other browsers as well. At the current time, however, over 95% of all web traffic comes from Internet Explorer, which is more than enough to dominate your market!

How easy is it to set up FlyInAds?

Our quick and easy signup process typically takes between 30 and 60 seconds to complete! You can be set up and advertising in the net's most powerful and effective manner in just one minute! If anything about our system still isn't clear, simply sign up right now and everything will become clear along the way!

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